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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We've taken a break from the dusty trenches and have moved the Shoot to the 'underground' tunnels - constructed above ground in a studio shed at Bohle. The Art Department, SFX, Lighting, Sound and Makeup teams have done an amazing job to create a very claustrophobic and suffocating atmosphere in the low, dripping, muddy tunnels.

Jim Sneddon (Alan Dukes) and Walter Sneddon (Alex Thompson) clay-kicking to lengthen a tunnel.
Photo by Stills Photographer, Wendy McDougall.

Captain William McBride (Anthony Hayes) at his desk inside a dugout.
Photo by Stills Photographer, Wendy McDougall.

Most of the tunnels beneath Hill 60 had names to help identify them. The Aussies named them after familiar places from home. Today's filming was in the 'Townsville' tunnel.
Photo by Wendy McDgouall: Lead actor, Brendan Cowell, as Oliver Woodward.

Young and terrified Sapper, Frank Tiffin (Harrison Gilbertson), in his bunker.
Photo by Stills Photographer, Wendy McDougall.

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Beneath Hill 60

Beneath Hill 60
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