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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Digging the Trenches - July 6th

July 1st was the "groundbreaking" of the trenches and thanks to two local excavators, Shane Poole from Diamond Diggers and Gavin Markwell from The Marwell Group, the digging is moving ahead at a fantastic pace!

First discussions, planning out the trenches on Shane Poole's Kelso property - before the excavation began:
From Left: Art Director Sam Hobbs, Excavator Shane Poole, Investor Greg Rains and Production Designer Clay Jauncey.

Mapping out the plans:

Before we could start digging, we had to burn off the vegetation. 

Here's the ground before the burning:

The ground before the breaking:

Markwell and Diamond Excavators make the first mark - the trenches have begun!

After a few days of Excavation, the trenches are really starting to take shape.

The layout of where to dig was mapped across out with stakes and pink and orange ribbon, and dotted lines were sprayed on the ground with orange paint.

Sam talks depth with John.

Jamie, Jeremy, David and Clay get down and dusty in the trenches.

Producer's Assistant, Georgie Scott checks out the newly forming trenches.

Those pants won't stay white for long, Sandy!

Michelle is very excited about the trenches!

The end of a long and dusty day! Thank God we didn't have to dig these by hand like the soldiers in World War One!

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