Follow the progress of the upcoming Epic Australia WWI Feature Film, Beneath Hill 60 as it goes overseas and onto DVD. From the Development, Pre Production to the Shoot and Post Production up to it's release in the Cinemas and now on DVD and BLU RAY, from Paramount, from August 19, 2010.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Random House: The Book of the Film by Will Davies

Random House publishers will be launching the book of the film early in 2010, written by Will Davies (author of 'Somme Mud' and 'In The Footsteps of Private Lynch'). Here is the first promo material:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Post Production

So we've said our fond farewells to the city of Townsville. We've filled in the trenches and dismantled the set and packed up the costumes.
Now, if you came across an empty field on Shane Poole's Kelso property, you'd never suspect it was once excavated into a trench system so large it could be seen from outer space! Luckily, Google Earth captured the moment...

Image from Google Earth

Post Production is going full steam ahead at Cutting Edge Post in the Fox Studios Entertainment Quarter. It's very exciting hearing the screams and explosions through the wall of the editing suite where Dany Cooper our Editor and Luke Byrne, First Assistant Editor, are cutting the film.

Our very talented Editor, Dany Cooper

These two are working tirelessly and Dany is deliberating closely with Jeremy Sims - who often seems to disappear into the dark edit suite for days at a time.

Our Post Production office is a few doors down the corridor in Cutting Edge. Sadly most of our Production team have moved on to new projects. We said our goodbyes were to Michelle Russell our Line Producer, Kelly Vincent our Production Coordinator, Katrina Lubans our Production Secretary, Lucy Vorst our Film Accountant, and Sandy Stevens our Production Manager - who is now working on a Bollywood film being shot in Sydney. (Couldn't get much further from a WWI drama!)

These ladies have had a huge job of settling all accounts and signing off and filing away any loose ends of Production, before packing everything up ready for Post.

Saying our goodbyes to Sandy (far left) and Lucy (2nd left). 
Colleen Clarke (far right) and Producer's Assistant Georgie Scott (2nd right) are staying on through Post.

Some new crew members have come on board to guide the project through the final hurdles in Post Production and ensure the film meets all delivery requirements and doesn't exceed the Budget. We are now in the capable hands of Colleen Clarke our Post Production Supervisor, from a company called Post and Deliver. She has a similar task to what our Production Manager, Sandy had during Production.

Another very important role is that of Visual Effects Supervisor. Ron Roberts makes sure the film is as visually precise (and exciting) as possible, using CGI (Computer Graphic Imaging) and other techniques. He deliberates closely with Luke, who provides Ron with a list of each scene that needs Visual Effect enhancement. For example, due to continuity reasons, the addition or enhancement of smoke and rain effects may need to be added to a shot, or a shot may need to be resized or blurred. On the odd occasion, something may need to be painted out of the picture - for example a glimpse of red underwear on a WWI soldier...

Ron also has the fun job of creating and enhancing explosions and flares, which were originally created by the Special Effects team during the Shoot.

And of course, the 'Big Bang'...

We are getting the film ready for test screenings. Audience members are selected to represent a range of ages, likes and dislikes,  genders etc to complete a questionnaire about the film. This gives the Director new insights into scenes that work particularly well, or those that are superfluous. Not only are we on a tight Budget and deadline, but also the running time can't be too long!

Beneath Hill 60

Beneath Hill 60
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