Follow the progress of the upcoming Epic Australia WWI Feature Film, Beneath Hill 60 as it goes overseas and onto DVD. From the Development, Pre Production to the Shoot and Post Production up to it's release in the Cinemas and now on DVD and BLU RAY, from Paramount, from August 19, 2010.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Our final cut of the Beneath Hill 60 was locked off today! 

Now our editor, Dany Cooper and our First Assistant Editor, Luke Byrne  will hand the cut over to the Sound and Visual Effects Departments of Post Production for the final mix, grading, music and visual effects that will bring all the elements of the film vividly to life.

David has re-written this new synopsis to match the final plot:

1916. Two massive armies facing each other along the Western Front have fought themselves to a standstill. The count down to the Battle of Messines Ridge has begun. The allies' audacious plan to break the deadlock depends on a small company of Australian miners led by Captain Oliver Woodward.

These ordinary men from mining towns across Australia were given just two weeks military training before being thrust into the war. Poorly equipped, with scant regard for military etiquette, the miners' task is to defend a leaking, labyrinthine tunnel system snaking beneath the Messines Ridge. The tunnels hide a deadly secret; a series of massive mines. If the plan succeeds it will produce the biggest explosions the world has ever known and could change the course of the war.
But no one seems to know when the order will be given to blow the mines. With constant inundation of mud and water and endless vibrations from heavy artillery, the tunnels are in imminent danger of collapse. Disaster looms as the Germans discover the Australians' underground activity. A deadly cat-and-mouse game is played out thirty metres below the fields of Flanders and, as zero hour approaches, the whole allied strategy could be in jeopardy.

Beneath Hill 60, based on an extraordinary true story.

Beneath Hill 60

Beneath Hill 60
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