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Sunday, June 28, 2009

MAKING OF - Locations Search

Beneath Hill 60 is not just a War movie set in the trenches of Belgium. Scenes from Oliver Woodward's life are dotted throughout the film, breaking up the confronting screenscape of Flanders Fields. We gain a sense of releif from the horrific imagery of WWI as we are transported to Oliver's other worlds filled with love and beauty: his work in Papua New Guinea, his family friends the Waddells in Townsville, his falling in love with Marjorie Waddell and their frolickings at the waterhole.

David Roach, our scriptwriter, beautifully weaves in scenes from the Waddell's sunny Townsville homestead, the lush waterhole and the tropics of Papua throughout the film, in complete contrast to the muddy carnage of the Western Front.

These scenes need to evoke something very special, so we have been scouting for shooting locations which will bring the right atmosphere in front of the camera. Some final Locations decisions will be happening this week and with such beautiful weather up here in Townsville, it's wonderful to be out and about looking for them.

Possible filming Location for the little wedding church.
Jeremy checking out the swimming hole - another possible location.
Jeremy testing the water... to check if it looks right on camera, of course.
Jeremy making sure the splashes look splashey enough on camera.

Making a movie is definitely all work and no play...

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