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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Update June 3rd


Well, everyone is getting ready to pack up and leave Sydney for the big move up to Townsville for Pre Production! Our Moneypenny office is getting smaller and smaller bit by bit as the boxes pile up ready for 'Flynnie' from Real Freight to cart them up to sunny North Queensland. Cass Simpson has been tirelessly organising our accommodation so we are all set with our suitcases to bring Beneath Hill 60 up north.

We will all be very sad to leave Fox Studios, however, especially the very lovely Jess from the front desk who has looked after us all so well over the last two months! Bye Jess!

Today's Production Meetings - CGI and Special FX

A Visual Effects meeting was held today at our Fox Studio Office. We were joined by Ron Roberts - our Visual Effects Supervisor, welcome aboard, Ron! - who is the Head of CGI at Cutting Edge which will be our Post Production House during the editing process...
Ron Roberts, Visual Effects Supervisor

... and Richard Clendinnen (welcome, Richard!) who will be our Post Production Supervisor.

Richard Clendinnen (left) with Ron Roberts.

As you can see, it's always a laugh a minute here at the office!

Although there is time for serious discussion - so many ideas, so many decisions to make. :

Jeremy discussing CGI and visual effects with fervour as David takes it all in.
Dan Oliver (Special Effects Manager) talking to Michelle Russell (Line Producer)
Jamie Crooks - First Assistant Director (left) with Richard and Ron.

Our next meeting was primarily concerned with Special Effects. Welcome aboard Dan Oliver - our Special Effects Manager!

He is Toby Oliver's brother (cinematographer). These two are thrilled to finally have the opportunity work on the same film together!

Toby Oliver (left) talking to brother, Dan at Production Meeting with Sandy Stevens and Michelle Russell.

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