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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blog updates to May 2009

Tunnels Locations -----------------------------------------------

Much of the story of Beneath Hill 60 is set 30 metres underground - in the claustrophobic tunnels dug deep below the trenches in the First World War.
When it comes to filming, it is logistically impossible and highly dangerous of course, for us to film the actors underground.
Our Art Department and construction crew need to build and recreate the tunnels above ground, in a quiet, pitch black enclosed area - like in a huge industrial shed.

There are many factors to consider when finding the appropriate shed - will there be traffic noise? Can we black out the windows? How do we black out the windows? And of course, size considerations. We need to build life-size earthen / wooden plank tunnel sets with enough room for the actors, the Director, the camera crew and equipment, lighting crew and equipment, sound crew and equipment, gaffers, grips, Production Crew, Heads of Department and the myriad of Costume, Set, Art Department, electrical and construction crew members - and safety officers. As well as the safety restricted areas when the tunnels are made to be waterlogged and muddy. We need a lot of space!

We are thrilled to have concluded a deal for the sheds to build our tunnel sets - with
Brad Webb and his Food Relief NQ charity in Townsville.

Producer Bill Leimbach said, "Food Relief NQ is a great charity and we are proud to be associated with it. You can see on their website just how active they have been recently. The associations the Beneath Hill 60 team have developed in Townsville now include Sally Elliott and her real estate group, Smith and Elliott Real Estate, Greg Rains with his Exchange Hotel and Debbie Guides with her Escape Travel. By the time we film in July, hopefully we will be firmly embedded within the Townsville community, its businesses, charity and governement associations. So far everything is going to plan."

Welcome to Peter Sheehan - our Storyboard Artist!

Peter and his "storyboard making machine"

Peter has illustrated over twenty books, hundreds of poems and stories and storyboarded for both the animation and live-action worlds for over twenty years. He started with Hanna Barbera designing layouts for such classics as Top Cat and Scooby Doo went on to win three FACTS awards in the advertising industry, gained a diploma in acting from Hayes Gordon's Ensemble Studios and has been nominated twice for a Walkley Award for his newspaper illustrations. In 2006 won the ACA's Best General Illustrator and the CBCA Honour Book Prize and last year one of his paintings was chosen to hang in the Blake Prize. Currently he is storyboarding the feature film Beneath Hill 60 and the animated TV series Dogstar. 
Peter's website is

We are thrilled to have Peter working with us on Beneath Hill 60. He's been working closely with Director, Jeremy Sims (below). His storyboards enable the ideas of the creative team to come to life visually.

Director Jeremy Sims (left) wit Storyboard Artist Peter Sheehan.

Storyboarding is a valuable tool for everyone involved in the Production as it is used to unify everyone's creative vision. The Creative team can gain a better understanding of the creative goals of a scene or sequence and it maps out a clear flow for shooting and editing choices.
The cinematographer's creative input into the storyboards is also extremely beneficial. 

From Left: Jeremy Sims, Peter Sheehan and cinematographer, Toby Oliver storyboarding.
Beneath Hill 60 storyboard artwork by Peter Sheehan
Beneath Hill 60 storyboard artwork by Peter Sheehan
Beneath Hill 60 storyboard artwork by Peter Sheehan
Beneath Hill 60 storyboard artwork by Peter Sheehan
Beneath Hill 60 storyboard artwork by Peter Sheehan
GREG RAINS COMES TO TOWN ------------------------------------

Greg Rains, who is representing the syndicate of Private Investors from Townsville rocked into Sydney this week and went straight to our Fox office to meet the team.

Greg Rains (bottom left) with BH60 team Jeremy, David, Sandy and Michelle.

Quickly into conference with the film's Line Producer, Michelle Russell to discuss a million things that need to be sorted out before we move the full cast and crew to Townsville in June.

Greg with Michelle Russell, Line Producer

Then he met up with John Lee owner of CUTTING EDGE Post Production House who will be handling the movie for Post Production once it has been totally filmed in Townsville. Lots to talk about when they found out they are both Queensland lads!

Greg with Cutting Edge owner, John Lee.

Greg and Jeremy got on like a house on fire and they even posed for some photos to fulfill Greg's promises that he made to his nieces - to bring back a photo of Jeremy who they adored seeing in HOME AND AWAY these past three weeks.

Greg and recent Home and Away star, Jeremy Sims (Director).

Greg was then whisked away to meet the films legal team: Michael McMichael and Jules Munro from Simpsons Solicitors, to ensure the Townsville Investors are getting the real deal.

Greg with film lawyers Jules Munro (left) and Michael McMichael (centre).

Finally at the end of an action packed day, he met the two main ladies who have championed this film through Screen Australia. Sally Browning, Investment Manager (Production Investment) and Rebecca Hardman, Senior Legal Manager. 
Screen Australia is the new Federal Government body in charge of Australian film and TV projects and they have become the principal investor in our film. 

Sally Browning (Left) with Greg and Rebecca Hardman outside the Screen Australia offices. Love the shoes, Rebecca!

Lucky Greg. Some guys get all the best jobs.


Everyone is getting hyped for the big move to Townsville for Pre Production!

Thanks to the kindness of Franco Santa Lucia, founder of the Santalucia Group, we now have a large, comfortable Production office to house or Art Department, Costumes, staff and crew.
Look out Townsville, here we come!
Franco Santalucia
Will Davies: Writing the book of the film -----------------------------
We are very honoured to have Will Davies as the author of the book of the film to be published by Random House. 
Will Davies drafting the book of Beneath Hill 60

Will has already published two books about the Western Front, 'In the Footsteps of Private Lynch' and 'Somme Mud', which have been major sellers and recieved great critical acclaim.
You can buy both of these books by going through Will directly. 
Contact him via email:

SOMME MUD ($25 + $10 postage)
The books can be personally signed and make great birthday presents!

Contact Will directly to make a purchase:

Will in the Townsville Bulletin's Weekend Extra, May 9th 2009 by Ian Frazer

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